Leonard Susskind

Nov 20, 2008
Free and open to the public
Event Description

The Black Hole War
November 20, 2008. Cosponsored by the Louis Clark Vanuxem Fund and the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science

Thirty-two years ago Stephen Hawking asked a remarkable question: What happens to all the information that falls into a black hole? Is it, as Hawking believed, permanently lost to the outside world? If so, the underlying foundation of all of physics—conservation of information—would be undermined. Or does the information "bounce back out" in apparent violation of Einstein's famous Equivalence Principle? Theoretical physicists have wrestled with this question for more than two decades and with the help of string theory have come to a most remarkable conclusion: In a certain sense the world of experience is a ghostly image of information recorded on a distant two-dimensional "hologram."