Tadashi Tokieda

Mar 7, 2019, 6:00 pm7:30 pm
McDonnell A02
Free and open to the public



Event Description

Starting from just a sheet of paper, by folding, stacking, crumpling, sometimes tearing, we will explore a diversity of phenomena, from magic tricks and geometry to elasticity and the traditional art of origami.  Much of the show consists of table-top demos, which you can try later with friends and family.

So, take a sheet of paper. . .

Tadashi Tokieda grew up as an artist in Japan; studied classical philology in France; learned basic mathematics from Russian collections of problems, then earned a PhD in Mathematics from Princeton. He is now Professor of Mathematics at Stanford. At the root of Tokieda’s unusual career path and varied interests is a deep appreciation for the value of surprise, and he uses toys and table-top demonstrations to illustrate fundamental scientific principles.