Walter E. Edge Lectures

Founded in 1957 in memory of Walter E. Edge, LL.D. 1946, who served twice as Governor of New Jersey and also as United States Senator and Ambassador to France.

The lectureship is supported by a bequest from his estate assigned to the University by his family, and supplemented by additional gifts from them, as a means of bringing to Princeton eminent statesmen from abroad as well as leaders in American public life.


Notable Lectures

John Kenneth Galbraith 

2002-2003Amos Oz | Israel: Peace and War

2005-2006 Elie Wiesel | An Evening with Elie Wiesel

2008-2009 Ruth Bader Ginsburg | The Lighter Side of Life at the U.S. Supreme Court: Customs and Habits that Promote Collegiality Among the Justices

2011-2012John Paul Stevens | The Court, the Constitution, and the Justice from Illinois: Justice John Paul Stevens in Conversation with Provost Christopher Eisgruber

Upcoming Lectures

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Past Lectures

What is Global Health and Where is it Going?
Oct 26, 2023, 5:00 pm

Dr. Atul Gawande

The Constitution and the Court
Sep 18, 2023, 7:00 pm

Deborah Pearlstein 

Amb. Marie Yovanovitch
Apr 12, 2022, 6:00 pm

Lessons From the Edge: A Conversation with Kim Lane Scheppele

From the Archive

Ruth Bader Ginsburg